The Big Declutter - 3 Month Add-on
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The Big Declutter - 3 Month Add-on

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Extend your current 3-month membership to a total of 6 months by purchasing this additional 3-month add-on.  

Decluttering can be HARD work.  It can also be super overwhelming.

No longer do you have to wonder where to start and what to work on next.

Join us in The Big Declutter, a weekly decluttering challenge membership. 

Every week, you will receive a new decluttering task via email with a printable worksheet to help you tackle the area. 

The weekly decluttering tasks should take you about one hour per week.  You can do the entire task in one sitting, or you can spread it out over the week to better fit your schedule or endurance. 

There will also be an amazing Facebook community available to all participants.  While the Facebook group isn't essential for success or required to participate, there's no reason to declutter alone!